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Erdem İnanç

Makerspace Manager | 3D Printing Expert


Works for Sabanci Univ

BSc at ITU

MSc at Sabanci Univ

Lives in Istanbul


I'm Erdem Inanc.

I have always liked making things, this became a professional career eventually.

I am currently working as the manager of Collaboration Space in Sabanci University. Collaboration Space is a university makerspace, where users make, think, develop and learn together using equipment like 3D printers, virtual reality, laser cutter, CNC machines and so on.

Makerspaces are interdisciplinary environments, where I had the opportunity to be included in both hardware and software projects.

I like to turn ideas into software products. I started this journey by teaching myself programming with C and Python. Then Java. And it just went on.

Meanwhile, I fell in love with 3D printers, with this motivation I started a company, where we developed an industrial size 3D printer with a small team.

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